About Us

 Ruffit is America’s best dog carrier. 
The only one with a patented design, Ruffit was designed, tested and re-tested to provide you and your dog with the most comfort. 
Features like extra padding and an ergonomic design keep your dog sitting in a natural position and safe from falling out.
Our goal is to create new possibilities of what you can do and where you can go with man’s best friend.

The Inspiration

When I first met Mojo he was two pounds of curiosity, head slanted to the side and staring at me. I never imagined the little creature I would soon take home would become such a large part of my life, much less the inspiration behind a revolutionary invention. Mojo is a my dog of 12 years, he is a mix between a miniature schnauzer, Jack Russell Terrier, and a goat, I’m guessing, based on his wicked climbing skills. He is many things, my bodyguard, pillow, chaser of squirrels, fetcher of shoes, and more than anything else, he is my best friend.

On one adventure (mountain biking) far from home, Mojo stepped on a broken glass bottle that left him bleeding severely, and left me with limited time, transportation or options to get him to a vet. I had to pull my shirt over my head to create a ‘cubby' for him on my back. By some miracle, he survived. This led to my "ah-ha"  moment afterwards while telling the story to family and thinking of how great it would be for daily biking and activities, not just when injured and in an emergency. That’s when I began my mission to reinvent the way we interact with our dogs.

The Inventor

My name is Jonathan. I am the inventor of the RUFFIT DOG CARRIER™. I have been adventurous, ambitious and creative since I discovered running. If there were ever a sidekick to a self-proclaimed man-child Mojo would be it. We have been hiking, biking, skying and a slew of other non-Olympic sports that I find fun, but we were often limited by leash, terrain, his size, stamina and age.

Since its invention, the RUFFIT DOG CARRIER™ has vastly expanded our outdoor adventures and friendship in general. The RUFFIT DOG CARRIER™ was born from the heart; it is a product that is and always will be about your dog. We love to hear  your stories and encourage you to unleash your friendship soon.

Meet our team
Ruffit Dog Carriers_The president and CEO
Founder and President

Mojo is the inspiration for the product. He has been instrumental in research and development.

Daniel Chavez

Daniel brings years of marketing and business experience to our Company. He has an unmatched talent for solutions and communications.