Tips for traveling with your dog as an expert.

Tips for traveling with your dog as an expert.

November 22, 2018

Hi Ruffers! Planning a trip can be a little complicated and more if you take your dog with you on a plane. That's why we're going to share 8 tips that will facilitate your planning process and ensure that you do not suffer from any setbacks.

  1. Take into account the climate of the place where you are going since it is usually one of the points for which the trip can become complicated,
  2. Investigate airlines that allow you to travel with your dog in the cabin and not in the hold (this depends on the weight of your dog 6-10 kg),
  3. Make your reservation at a pet-friendly hotel (usually the Best Western hotels are pet-friendly),
  4. Make sure your dog starts the trip with an empty stomach and bladder,
  5. Pack your dog's favorite snacks, so that each time your dog gets restless during the trip you can give one,
  6. Make sure your dog has insurance because in case you need it during the trip you will avoid spending more, we share some web pages to know more about this topic,                                                                                          -Pet insurance
  7. Process your dog’s passport: Generally, within the European Union, you must carry your dog's international canine passport, 
  8. Investigate the requirements for your dog from the country you are going to go to, such as vaccines that are needed. 

 Always remember to be well prepared and anticipate any situation that may arise.

Now, if you decide not to travel with your dog and leave it in a hotel for dogs, check out our blog post "The best hotels for dogs" and discover these incredible spaces.
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Have a pawsome day!